Tips To Having A Work Friend


We spend a lot of time at work, so figuring out how to make friends at work is essential to living a happy life. Sure, some people are okay with being a lone wolf in the office. But the rest of us don’t want to sit alone and sad in our buckets all day. Because when you think about it, living is just not fun when we spend an incredible third of our lives at work. That’s a lot of time that could be spent giggling around the water cooler, chatting between computers, and laughing out loud at office parties.

Best friends at work just make the day funnier. In fact, a 2014 survey showed that the more friends an employee has at work, the happier and more productive they are, noted Lisa Evans of According to the survey, 71 percent of employees with work friends said they love their company, compared to just 24 percent of employees who didn’t have work friends.

And having friends makes you less likely to quit your job because they make you feel welcome and happy you are. Doesn’t it sound good? (I think so). Whether you’re new to a company and want to make new friends, or just want to be part of that 71 percent, here are some ways you can make friends with your co-workers.

Actually Say “Hello” To Them

Don’t get into the addiction of trudging on your desk, plopping down, and now no longer speakme to all and sundry for the whole lot of the day. This can be tempting — particularly in case you’re new to a task and feeling shy —however face up to the urge. Being closed off won’t provide all and sundry the risk to get to recognise you, and it’ll restrict your possibilities of creating new friends.

Instead, begin greeting humans, and attempting a touch more difficult to be friendly. As John Boitnott referred to on, “This is an smooth one, however an awful lot of the time humans forget (or are afraid) to do it. Often, in case you attain out to a person that’s all of the attempt it’ll surely take to open a line of communique and start a friendship. Just begin via way of means of saying ‘hi’ or ‘goodbye’ and you’ll frequently discover a coworker is satisfied to do the identical to you the following time.” Then, allow the connection construct from there.

Ask For Help When You Need It

Workplaces may be competitive, and occasionally admitting you don’t recognise the way to do some thing feels scary. But there’s in reality some thing completely fresh approximately someone who may be sincere and admit they’re lost, confused, or stuck.

So relax, and are available smooth in case you want help. According to Boitnott, “If you display those weaknesses as opposed to looking to conceal them, humans will commonly appreciate you extra for soliciting for their help. It’ll open the strains of communique and display a exclusive facet of yourself.” Plus, it’s been proven that permitting a person that will help you makes them such as you extra. Who knew?

Have lunch with different people

Whether you’re new to a job or not, it can be easy to find yourself in a lunch clique or water cooler gang. Before you know it, you and the same group of associates will meet. without even thinking about it. And that’s wonderful. But if you’re looking for new work friends, you should change things up from time to time.

As Anna Helhoski noted on, “One easy way to go beyond your immediate circle of friends at work is to change who you have lunch with or meet for happy hour. That doesn’t mean you’re less attached to people close to you; it simply means that you don’t close your eyes to other opportunities.

Be someone you would like to spend time with

Work isn’t always the best, so of course you’re going to be moody, whiny or upset from time to time, and that’s Good. Just try not to make it a habit, as your co-workers may walk away from your desk for fear of having to deal with the drama. To make sure you’re not the office whiner, pause during the day and ask yourself, “Would you like to hang out with me now?” If the answer is no, your co-workers probably feel the same way, said’s Lynze Wardle Lenio. Do yourself a favor and make sure you are radiating positive vibes.

Hit Up Work Events

I know when the workday is over the last thing you want to do is continue the celebrations at a local bar or coffee shop. Training pants? I mean, if you want to go home and put on a pair of sweatpants, by all means do it. But if you’re trying to make new friends, you’ll have to make an effort after work.

According to Boitnott, “It’s not uncommon for groups of employees to meet at a nearby coffee shop or restaurant at the end of the week… Make sure you attend at least some of these meetings. It can be like going to work, except no one will be that serious and there should be very little actual work. There may also be some alcohol involved and this can help you get to know co-workers more easily. “I think it’s worth it.

Don’t get caught up in gossip

Ah, gossip—it’s an easy way to start a conversation. Talk bad about her, point out what she did wrong, and you’ll get a conversation going. Easy. Yes, that might seem like a good way to get into a group, but it’s not exactly what it takes to form lasting (or healthy) friendships, Evans said.

Gossip may also harass you if someone overhears you or if gossip backfires on you. So find more positive ways to make friends. Be the friendly person everyone wants to meet and be open to conversation throughout the day. , and enjoy good times in the office from time to time. Little things like this make making new friends at work so much easier.




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