Signs You Are Now An Adult


You’ve probably noticed that the little things you’ve been doing lately are proof that you’re growing up. more important to you and you can’t seem to figure out where it all started. Do you want to know if you are an adult?

Your thread count goes from 80 to 450

When you start investing in quality linens, you know you’re growing up. Gone are the days of sleeping on scratchy sheets in your double bed. He’s got a taste for it. You growl at anything under 300 threads and as far as you’re concerned you sleep like a queen.

You ask for extra espresso

You’re up here with all that tedious work your boss has been giving you lately and you’re feeding your smile with espresso just to get you through the day. Don’t worry, you are not alone and if you need more than 5 cups of espresso in your coffee morning, noon and night, so be it.

You have student loans

You avoid 800 numbers to avoid paying the monthly bill. You’ve tried everything from blocking his number to ignoring it, but now his calls are after 6:00 p.m. They’re getting a little aggressive the man.

You wake up early

You wake up, willingly or not, when the sun comes up and you watch the sunset through your office window. There is no need to set your morning alarm at this point because your body knows when it’s time to get up and get through the day.

You start lying about your age

A few years ago when you turned 21 or 23 vacations were sweet, but now you’re sick of how fast time flies and you want the fast and break find button. It can be a week before your birthday and no one knows what you want, where you want to go if you don’t want to sleep all the time and your age is just a mystery right now.

You’re tired after two beers

You and your girls go to dinner and later plan to dance until the sun comes up in one of your favorite bars since you were 22. Dinner happens and a couple of beers apiece, but now you sit with a slack face waiting for the other person to back off from the dance so you look like it’s the more fun of the two.

Start sounding like your mother

Your whole teenage rebellion is over and there’s a new sheriff in town named Rules and Regulations. Nothing escapes him and if something bothers him, he makes it clear in the most constructive and assertive way possible. If you don’t already have children, chances are your pets are getting a lot of your adult rants.

You can find a deeper meaning in childhood movies

You will be immersed in every detail of the animated films that once captivated you because of the adventure, the vivid colors and the songs. Now you notice sexist and bigoted comments, subliminal messages and even become convinced that all the childhood movies you saw were really only for adult viewers.

You buy Lambrusco

You’ve had your share of expensive wines, but a loyal old man is a good giant bottle of Lambrusco. It’s cheap, tasty, and gets the job done. You know exactly where to get it and that you always have enough when some friends drop by to gossip.

You compare prices

Do you have something in mind? your list. It’s probably a vacuum cleaner. But you “shopping around” to get the best price. Although the price hasn’t changed in months, he’s determined to get this deal and no one is going to stop him, not even Ms. Impulsive.

You live alone

You can’t even imagine that college dorm you had with 3 other roommates these days. I can’t even begin to guess how that was possible. Now everything happens at your own pace, including the sound and light situation. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You have a new appreciation for home appliances

What is a mini fridge? All you care about now is a fully loaded stainless steel fridge with 2 tier ice and quality is everything to you. exactly what is and is not an investment. Let’s not even start with your washer and dryer preference.

You do what you want

You come home when you want, you go where you want, and you do it with a smile on your face. You can see places in the world you never thought of and start ballroom dancing because, you know what? You can! Listen, not everything about being an adult is some form of resistance.


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